Abstract Thinking

Jasper High School Sculpture class, led by Mrs. Fleck, has gotten started with the new year in an interesting way. The students are working vigorously to find their way of thinking with an abstract eye. What makes something abstract? There is no distinct shape as the works and the pieces are designed more around emotions rather than actual objects.

 “Doing the project helps students to create things based off design and to not create generic things like a rainbow or kitten,” Fleck mentions as she describes why the students are working on this as a project.

The projects are based off of a famous artist named Louise Nevelson. She designed artwork from many found objects to create pieces of abstract work for herself and different communities.

“Louise Nevelson was a woman from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. She  was in the arts for women, especially sculptor, which was important because there weren’t a lot of women sculptors back then,” says fleck when talking about the artist.

Seniors Lewi Hulsman and Zach Weisheit work with power tools to cut out the foundation for their abstract sculpture. Zach holds the wooden board still as lewi works to cut out the shape of the base. Safety precautions are taken such as wearing glasses and avoiding the chord of the machine. As well as a proper demonstration beforehand in order for everyone to properly use them. “I am more worried about the upcoming project with blow torches than the power tools,” mentions Fleck.

Each piece was unique and one colored. The color would blend all the objects together to create harmony within the works. Her artwork is shone all over the world, including the famous Sky Tree in San Francisco.

The students will use her as an example to start out  their work and continue from there either as a team or alone. Teams will bring together each of their individual works after the building process is done to create one central artwork piece that flows together in some way. If alone, the single person creates their work without the help of a team. Though both options have their advantages and disadvantages, neither are going to have an easy task of completing the sculpture. Every student has to use different pieces of material ranging from wood to just about anything that can be found around. The objects have to be placed strategically and carefully so they fit together, not just thrown on the piece. Once all that is done, the piece must be carefully spray painted all one color evenly in order to fully cover the final work. In the end there should be an abstract art piece for each group or individual. This is no easy feat and those who manage to complete the task will be filled with a self glory that comes through the hard work put into the art.

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