In Admiration of Lexi


On Friday, April 28, Jasper High School celebrated the life of Alexa “Lexi” Layne Mattingly, 16, from Holland who passed away April 20th. Jasper High School wore plaid in remembrance of Lexi who was well liked among local schools. Mattingly was well known in the community because she was on the JV basketball

Student wearing plaid in memory of Lexi.

and tennis team. She was a vibrant young girl who could put a smile on everyones faces. After she passed away, Southridge High School cancelled all athletic events and through out the next school day teachers and counselors were there to help kids cope. Her heart problems had gotten worse earlier in the year which led to her getting a peacemaker and a defibrillator in her heart.  She passed away due to complications of the heart.

The schools mourned her by writing her name on their skin during sports events, wearing plaid, and holding a prayer service for her. Mattingly will live in everybody’s memories, and while it is hard now, we always remember her with a smile.

Mr. Jerger, one of the teachers who wore plaid in memory of Lexi.