A Day to Remember

IED students gather to get ready to head out for Manufacturing Day.

On Thursday, October 5th, schools from across the nation celebrated manufacturing day. Engineering students of Jasper High School and surrounding schools.“The afternoon group consisted of Crawford County, Pike, Heritage Hills and Jasper.” Said Fred Routsen, IED teacher. Many others attended a special event held at the VUJC campus as well to learn more about what Southern Indiana has to offer for its Hoosiers.

The day started off by all the students meeting with their teacher to see how many people were going, then loading up onto the buses to head off to VUJC. Once the students arrived, they entered the engineering building to eat some pizza for lunch. “The pizza was amazing!” commented one of the seniors,Tyler Jackson. After pizza, the students all left to the arts building to begin the day. 

Students from JHS arrive at VUJC and begin their Manufacturing day fun.

The students entered the hall and everyone was handed an overview of VUJC. After everyone was seated in the theater, a brief introduction was given and a 5 minute clip was shown. Unbeknownst to many, the overviews handed out at the beginning of the class had a colored sticker on them to separate all four of the schools in the meeting into corresponding groups. Once everyone was in their proper group, half the groups would go back to the engineering building to go over some of the classes and things they do in the class. The others, however, headed off to the gym to have a mini job fair with the manufacturing businesses in Dubois County. The job fair offered students a chance to participate in manufacturing games, introductions to the company, and free items.

After the groups went to both buildings, it was back to the Arts Center to give a final speech and end the day. There were a few speakers at the end plus another video before the students were finally set free to jump back on their proper buses and ride back to school.