“Summer” Nights

Senior, Summer Herzog, and sophomore, Brooke Nottingham laughed together as Brooke escorted Summer onto the court during Thursday’s Senior Night.

With Sectionals creeping just around the corner, the Lady Wildcats ring in another win on Thursday’s (25th) Senior Night, against the Boonville Pioneers. Senior, Summer Herzog had a thrilling shot, shooting a three pointer with a couple seconds to go in the fourth quarter. This year was quite different than years in the past, with only one senior, Herzog, the team is rolling in the victories. On Thursday night’s game, students dressed in “Summer” clothes and held cut outs of Summer’s face to show their support.

In previous years, the team has had multiple seniors who’ve played together since their middle school years, however this year Summer reigns as the only senior.

“I thought being the only senior was going to be boring and I was a little nervous to be excluded,” Summer stated, “but I absolutely love it. We’re really tight and I don’t even notice that I’m the only senior.”

Summer has been playing basketball since she’s been in fourth grade, and loves the support from the basketball program and parents. The team has created a close bond and they always have fun on and off the court. Fellow teammate Reagan Egbert said, “Summer is always so enthusiastic and makes us laugh no matter the circumstances.”

“I love this team so much. We all have each other’s back on everything. We love joking around and we have lots of inside jokes like ‘muzzle’ and ‘hoodieSzn.’” Summer says she is so thankful for all the friendships she made and will miss it once the season comes to a close. The girls will face Evansville Harrison in the first round of Sectionals on Tuesday, January 30th.


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