Dance Team Makes Way to Nursing Home

Most people see the dance team on the sidelines of basketball games, readying themselves for their performance at half-time. Very rarely do people witness the team’s kind hearts outside of all the school games, pep rallies, and their competitions.

Senior Lydia Shepherd dances to “YMCA” with one of the residents at Brookside Village Nursing Home. “”It is very rewarding for me to dance with the residents,” Shepherd shares, “I leave there knowing that I have impacted their lives just a small amount that can go a long way.” The dance team has been visiting Brookside for the last three years.

Tuesday night (January 23), the Jasper High School Dance Team took stage not on the gymnasium floor, but at Brookside Village Nursing Home in Jasper. As the residents gathered around in a circle, the team took their formations in the center of the main lobby to perform. Brookside often holds performances for their residents, such as singing acts, magic shows, and the occasional karaoke night.

The dance team performed many of their numbers, such as their halftime dances that they do at basketball games. They also danced out to some classic songs, like the YMCA and the Chicken Dance, that the residents loved so much that a few even got up to dance along with them. “We have been dancing at the nursing home for three years now,” states senior Lydia Shepherd, who had the pleasure of dancing with a couple residents. “Every year, I have made it my priority to dance with resident.”

Shepherd has been a part of the dance team for the last four years. “Being on the dance team has definitely impacted me as a person,” she says, “I have gained a lot of new friends and have developed a family within the dance team.” 

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