Wildcats Take Over Jeeps

Iimg_2502t was just a quick win for the girls JV volleyball team last night, September 15th. The Jasper Girls dominated over the Northeast Dubois Jeeps. It was a neck to neck match, with girls from both teams striving to make a dive or attempting to spike down to achieve a win. The score tied easily throughout the first set, causing coaches to keep a close eye on the ball and the crowd rupturing with supporting chants. After five minutes into the second set, the Lady Wildcats started the game off with successful wins, hoping the Jeeps would not catch up. Halfway into the set, the Jeeps did manage to catch up, excited by the fact that the Jeeps could go home with a win. They thought wrong. A timeout then commenced where the teams huddled up for a group talk and some teammate support, hoping that in the end the JHS girls could take another win for the team. At the end of the second set, the Jeeps won with 11 points as the Wildcats finished up with a 7. The road was slowly starting to be visioned as rocky.

In the third match, it started to rumble up. The Wildcats decided to work their hardest and win the match, no matter what it took. No matter how many flips on the floor they did, no matter how many the falls, the girls knew that losing was not about to be an option. The student section sat and kept an eye on the girls, screaming with support and clapping with every point scored. The Jeep’s classmates decided to attempt and throw the JHS girls off their serving by chanting animal noises, causing laughter to rupture in the gym. In the end, the girls won the third set with 22-12, happy with their win. Coach Milligan was asked how on her opinion in the game to which she stated, “I thought that we played really well, best volleyball game of the year in the first set. We were kind of let up in the second set, but came back in the third. In the end, I was very pleased.”