A Minute to Win It


Henry Sandoval, senior, jumps over a soccer ball to make a play.

On Tuesday September 13, 2016, the Jasper boys soccer team had their Kick Cancer night and competed against the Pike Central Chargers. Both the junior varsity and varsity teams played hard, and both came out victorious. The varsity team won 15-0, and the junior varsity won 2-1.

Freshmen Anna Trevino and Breann Mehringer collecting money from spectators.

Freshmen, Anna Trevino and Breann Mehringer, collecting money from spectators.

For the night the team held a fundraiser called the Miracle Minute. The fundraiser took place during halftime of the varsity game. The Miracle Minute called for the Jasper cheerleaders to collect as much money from spectators within one minute as they could. All of the money raised went to a breast cancer foundation. “I think it got us interested before the game, and it got us some hope to play the game,” says sophomore Dylan Sternberg about Kick Cancer.


The night had a special place in Head Coach Kyle Kendall’s heart. The coach of 16 years had lost his mom, who was a secretary at the school, 13 years ago to breast cancer. Josue Dubon scored the first goal of the night, and soon after he dedicated the goal to Coach Kendall’s mother.