A Long Time Coming

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Bennett Nolan (12) preparing himself to swim the 100 M butterfly.

JHS swimmer Bennett Nolan, senior, delivered a new record in the 100 M butterfly at the IHSAA sectional meet on Saturday, February 20th. Nolan brought nothing short of cheer, laughter, and tears to all of his friends, family and fans that were anticipating this break. The time to beat for this event was 53.49 and Nolan finished with an outstanding 53.34. The stands were roaring as soon as Nolan took off from the block but as soon as he made his final flip turn, everyone was going nuts. Some weren’t sure if he would make it, but all eyes were frantically going back and forth from the swimmer to the clock. It was fun watching him soar past all of the other swimmers in various other events throughout the day, but this was by far the happiest moment.

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Nolan swimming as fast as he can toward the back wall that he will use to push himself toward his team waiting for him on the other side.

Nolan was a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to reach his goal of breaking this over 30 year-old record. He says, “I finished, and then everyone started screaming.” Nolan says that as soon as he swam the first 50 meters and turned around he saw his team standing at the end of the lane cheering him on. “Every one knew I wanted this record because I never stopped talking about it”, he stated. Part of him was overjoyed at his achievement but the other part of him just could not believe it. He even joked saying “What happens if I didn’t get it and everyone’s just confused?” Following the race, the amount of love and support Nolan received from his coaches as well as his teammates was unlike any other. Two of his teammates enveloped him in a great big hug inside the smaller pool where he decided to relax for a few minutes after this overwhelming accomplishment. When asked how excited he was about the record he said “Yes, I’m very excited. That took me forever to get. That’s one of our oldest records, if not the oldest, and I’ve wanted it since freshman year!” He also took a moment to look back on his beginning days of swimming saying “Ever since I was little and I realized I was a flyer, I always looked at that record at practice.” IMG_4148 (2)For the soon-to-be 2016 graduate, this has been a long time coming. His friends and family could not be any more proud of him, and are so happy that they’ve been able to watch him grow into the amazing young athlete he is today. Congratulations, Bennett! Good luck at state!


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  1. Marcia Moore
    Marcia Moore says:

    Absolutely a fantastic way to accomplished your one big swimming goal! Good luck to you and the Jasper swim team at state. Grandpa and I are so very proud of you!

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