Lift to Win

  Olivia Meyer, junior, competes in contests all around the Tri-state area. She got into lifting with her dad. ” He wanted to start working out and lifting so I told him I would do it with him,” she says. Meyer’s biggest goal when she is competing is to push herself to succeed in each lift. In turn, lifting is a pretty dangerous activity. “Anything could go wrong. If you lift too heavy and you have not lifted that much weight before, or your technique is not right, you could damage your body,” says Meyer. She is very careful when she competes. However, there are many rules to competitive lifting. When bench pressing, if you do not bring the bar all the way to your chest, that is a disqualified lift. Same thing with dead lifting. If you do not pull your shoulders back when the lift is fully pulled up then it is disqualified. Olivia is a minority in the lifting world. There are not many females in this area, but Olivia is persisting on through.