Yearbook Holiday Sale

As we approach the holiday season, it’s always hard to find gifts. Yearbooks make great gifts that are sure to bring back memories from days long passed. That’s why every year, the “J” Yearbook staff sponsors a holiday yearbook sale. The 2018 holiday sale, which began on November 1st, allows students and their parents to buy past yearbooks dating back to the 1950’s. If you or a friend didn’t buy a yearbook and would like to share memories from the past, you can now purchase select years from the Interactive Media Class for $45. All proceeds from the holiday sale will go back to the class to fund future editions of The “J. See the The “J” Yearbook tab on the JHS Media website to view all available years. There is also a surplus of forgotten personalized books. If a book belongs to you or if you think you left behind a personalized yearbook, come to JHS and pick it up for free.

For several years, the yearbook program has fundraised for the program through the sale of past yearbooks. The yearbook class, or Interactive Media, has a surplus of many yearbooks dating all the way back to 1954. The Holiday Sale helps in the production of future yearbooks for students, and allows for the creativity of the editors to be expressed without strict restraints on funding. To incorporate the history of Jasper High School and The Comet, the school newspaper that has ran for almost 100 years, the yearbook will be an anniversary edition. The book will contain facts about past school events and major milestones from different decades scattered throughout new memories.

“2018 is a year full of anniversaries for the school and we wanted to honor that,” says senior and co-editor of The “J” Yearbook, Mila Vernon.