Gallery Brings Student Artists Together

Art, with its various interpretations, is a form of universal communication. That’s why senior Maggie Getzin has taken her love and passion for photography and reached out to other local student artists to put together a pop-up gallery above the Libby’s Gourmet Ice Cream shop located in downtown Jasper, this Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd, 6-10 p.m. You can enter through the door on the corner.

“When I started working at Libby’s, I had never seen the upstairs.” states Getzin. “The first time I stepped foot into the space I knew it had the potential to become a gallery.”

“Photography is just so different. It takes an eye to know the perfect time and place to take a photograph.” Getzin boasted. “ But when I find the one of hundreds that stands out from the rest, you can feel it, the emotion, the warmth, and the security. It feels like I finally belong to something”

With all the work that a student has to do their senior year, the gallery had always been in Maggie’s head, until she set a date. “One of the hardest things to do was all the labor. Hanging the art, planning what goes where. It all takes time and money,” she explained.

The gallery consists of drawings, paintings, and photographs from local artists, most of which are done by Jasper High School students. Getzin’s goal was to include different schools within the area, although many never get back to her. “When they never got back to me, I thought of all the talented people I know and started asking around. Each and every person is unique in their art.”  Along with the many photographers and painters, there will also be live music by choir and theatre students. The performers include Emma and Lydia Grow, Morgan Decker, Marissa Bradley, Daniela Serrano, Allison Bielawa, and Kaitlyn Timm.

Maggie, who will be attending Ball State next fall to study photojournalism, started taking photography seriously after a New York trip with the choir this past winter. “I started with taking photos on my phone, just for fun.” she smiles, “I was reassured after [the trip] that I wanted the life of learning about people and capturing the emotions that words can’t. I want to travel and learn about the world.”