Another Step for Jasper’s Future Broadcasters

Over the course of the past several years, the Jasper High School Radio and TV program has been making some incredible advancements in their involvement within and outside the walls of Jasper High School.  Two years ago at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters high school state competition, the program picked up their first ever first place award in the imaging work for the school radio station 93.7 The Scratch.  Austin Hopf and Simeon Harris provided the blueprint for the next senior class of 2017 to lead the way to defend their top three positioning in the state with third place honors.  Last year at the competition, the program made waves among the giants of Indiana high school broadcasting as the program for the first time ever earned an overall top three placing in television with short film dominance leading the way as another first place award there as well as Owen Rendel’s work in the television spot production category led the program to the honor.  However, the program wants to tackle another tough element of television broadcasting.  How does a program relatively to schools like Carmel pull off a great live sporting broadcast?

Thursday and Friday of this past week, covering the girls senior night game against Boonville and the boys homecoming battle with county rival Northeast Dubois, some of the program’s leading contributors have been working hard to try and produce the best live sporting event that they could without the program only doing one previous game in its history…earlier this past basketball season.  With the direction of Mr. Evan Elrod, the program advisor, the students included a three camera setup along with the usual audio feed of The Scratch to compliment the visuals.  What is even more impressive about this latest ambition is that the program has had a lot fewer members to work with than the impressive Radio/TV 2 class of the 2016-2017 school year.  It has certainly been a struggle, as with nearly no example to go off of in past years for this particular program, they could only look at what other schools have been doing.  There have also been some technical issues to work with as the setup used over those two games has never been done inside of Jasper High School’s gym.  With time, though, the program is getting things together on the setup and the improvement has been imminent in the improving quality of work as an increase of experience has led to a somewhat better quality of a production.

From here, there are certainly a number of paths to take for the radio and TV program at Jasper High School that may lead to more games being produced and streamed and perhaps even a consistent schedule.  However, one thing is clear.  With Mr. Elrod advising and the students producing, there is no looking back from the days of the past.  This program seems ready to tackle more challenges in the future days and years ahead that may send shockwaves to the bigger schools competing in the IASB state competition and send a message that Jasper is one to remember in the broadcasting field.

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