Youth Latinos Unidos

On left Ashley Ortiz, freshman, is next to Lexi Matute, junior, both on the USI trip. Both enjoyed the trip and thought that it was very helpful and motivating experience

The Youth Latinos Unidos, the first of its kind at JHS, is a new program created to help Latino students and parents to get more informed with the school and their children’s education. “Helping out our parents and helping ourselves, I feel like we are really misunderstood and we get placed in the back burner compared to other people,” says Viviana Ramos about the purpose of the new club. On Wednesday November 15 the YLU club  went on a trip to the University of Southern Indiana in hopes of motivating them to continue their education after graduation in high school.

The USI trip made most of the students realize how college really is, and even though the beginning can be a little scary, it all pays off for your future. They saw the inside of dorms, how a day is at USI, and what each building had to do with the college. This trip showed the YLU students that they can have a future and that they can go to college without following the stereotypes of after graduating high school, you have to go straight to a factory to start working.