The Sapiens

Senior and club secretary Grace Harmon lit one of the candles at the ceremony that represented Service. “Service is a voluntary act that a person chooses to do without payment or reward.” said Harmon. “We are committed to volunteering our time and talents for the creation of a better tomorrow.”

Tuesday, November 14, 56 juniors and 7 seniors gathered in the auditorium to undergo the annual NHS induction ceremony. The NHS (National Honors Society) has been inducting Jasper High School students since its first ceremony on April 25,1952, when the Sapiens Chapter was established at the school. The first ceremony initiated 14 students. “Since then, thousands of students have taken the oath and signed their names” states Mrs. Elrod, the NHS Sponsor. The faculty at the school determine what students will be potentially inducted in the ceremony due to their academics, community service, and involvement in the school.

“The society has been set before us to serve our school by fostering and encouraging high ideals” read senior, and the society’s president, Sarah Monesmith. Each of the officers, Merris Egloff (VP), Lindsey Mehringer (T), Grace Harmon (S) and Monesmith interpreted aloud and lit a candle for the four principles that the society serves by: enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to stimulate a desire to render service. After what was said to be one of the shortest NHS ceremonies, due to a vote against a guest speaker, the newly inducted students received their certificates and filed out into the atrium for refreshments and to be congratulated by their families and friends.