Team Bonding With Geeks

With a week left before the robotics district competition, the 3559 Thundercats team had a team lunch for some team bonding time. The majority of the team came out for some good food the parents arranged to be catered by the Mill House.

     Ryan Woodard, Garret Armstrong, Carson Vaal, and Kyle Schmitt have a good lunch before getting back to last minute fixes on their robot. In the background are all the mentors that work with the members during build season to help make their ideas come to life. After a long season of differing opinions, a much needed lunch is just what the team needed before their competition.

     With their new gear picking up system, the team is ready for the next competition. Instead of traveling to the other side of the field for another gear, they can easily pick up one if another team drops it.  

     So far, this year’s robotics season has been very successful. Many of the seniors are near the end of their Jasper Robotics career. At the team lunch, all of the mentors showed up, but most likely will leave when their seniors go to college next year. The robotics team is on its way to the close of another great season.