Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Senior Heather Navarrete, grabs the attention of passing cars, going down St. Charles Street, by standing on top of a pillar shouting at about the baked goods that were awaiting them.

This week is a very special week to our Radio and TV classmates, because this week is solely for them. This week “The Scratch” radio hosts’ are coming up with many ways to show their pride for High School Radio Week and are doing it in many ways. April 24 and 25, are days the students of Jasper High School will live to remember. Not only because of I-step week, but because of the sweets that were made for them.

It is an annual tradition for Mr. Elrod’s Radio and TV classes to have a bake sale in honor of National High School Radio week, and this year was no exception. Except with somewhat alternative means.This year, instead of having a fundraiser for one sole purpose, the Radio and TV kids put on the “Made from Scratch” bake sale to not only raise funds for their equipment, but to raise money for BPA nationals. “All of us were just sitting in Radio and TV, over lunch one day, and we were trying to brainstorm ideas to fundraise for BPA nationals, and we do the bake sale every year so we thought we could just combine the two fundraisers.” says Senior Brea Mullen. With the money they will be making they plan to send the media kids all the way to nationals.

Out of all the years this one has been most successful, whether it be from the

Senior Jesse Fromme, contemplates on which sweet snack he wants to take with him.

traditional baked goods or the new addition of “puppy chow” in just one day the media kids made over $500. Not to mention that by the first lunch period of the day they were already close to be sold out. On the second day, things skyrocketed with the media kids getting sold out again! Everything was a dollar, and anyone could buy, that even means cars driving past, down the street. Where senior Heather Navarrete shouted at passing cars about the sweet baked good that awaited them just inside the parking lot.

Fifteen batches of “puppy chow later, the Radio and TV kids made over $800 to send their media kids to nationals.