JHS Archery Club

Hannah Pardo, freshman, nocks an arrow at the second archery club practice of the year. Photo by Mila Vernon

This year Archery Club is aiming for a great year as club members get excited for this years archery season, so if you’re looking for a club to join and you like archery look no further!

Archery is about learning balance and aiming to shoot, you learn how to shoot different ranges of distance with different bows and arrows. You may also learn what type of archery you’re interested in, and which bow will work best for you. On the side lines, you also learn how to how to create a bond with other club members, and instructors.

The club meets every Monday at 5:30 for shooting practice, and every Wednesday during homeroom in Mr. Polen’s room for updates on the club. The young clubs first competition will be on December 16. You do not have to have experience to join, you can you be a beginner and know nothing about archery and you will still be able to join the club because that is what it’s for, so you can learn. So if you are looking to join this club, hurry and look for Mr. Polen, the sponsor and coach of the club, and ask about how you can join and get ready to shoot, aim and fire!