Football Is No Joke

A 20 minute half-time gives some students the ability to show off their “class clown” skills. Grant Ahlbrand, junior, captivates the entire student section with a corny joke that he pulled out of his arsenal. Along with Grant, Jay Fritch and Austin Simmers, both seniors, took their turn to get a few laughs out of the crowd.

Friday nights in the fall are reserved for Varsity football games for most Jasper fans. Many of the students are equally as excited to cheer on the Cats no matter where they are. Just like a family has its traditions, Jasper has its own as well. It is a tradition for Jasper students to dress up in American themed clothing for the game against Southridge. Recently, a new “tradition” has came about during half time. When students sit down for the 20 minute period, the Team Tailgate leaders stand up and tell jokes. That is just enough time for some student to show off their skills. We are not talking physical skill. This is a game of humor. Brave students stand up in the middle of the entire student section and share their corny jokes. Grant Ahlbrand started out with a joke that went something like this: “Why do golfers carry two pairs of pants?” “Why?” “In case he gets a Hole-in-One”. The student section chuckled slightly. More students stood up in the crowd and shared their jokes, thus creating this “Semi” new tradition.