Life Skills and Life Changers


Frank, Logan, and Kaleb help Mr. Rick Stenftenagel load up the bus for the Life Skills Field Trip.

  I started the day off watching the kids who are looked upon differently be typical everyday kids. I think it is important to realize just because someone has a different ability than others does not make them any less special or important in the world. The students I had the privilege to be with on their field trip changed lives in so many ways just with their smiles alone. The kids were able to take a trip to a local grounds that had a lake, house, and a place to play some fun games. We started out in the house but the kids immediately wanted to get the fishing poles out and catch some willing fish in the lake. The smiles on their faces were indescribable. I think we take for granted all of the things the students here at JHS get to do while the kids who have different obstacles do not have such amenities. But that day was all about them and they sure took advantage of all of the opportunities they had.

Logan's first fish of many that day

Logan’s first fish of many that day.

Logan Randolph, freshman, had never been fishing before until the day they went on the field trip. He was the first one to catch the biting fish and ended up with more than anyone that day. He was so patient so it was inevitable that fishing came naturally to him and the smiles were uncontrollable and the happiness of everyone radiated throughout the morning. The thing that really made me think about how different we need to look at life is the fact that all of the kids that were in the life skills class were so encouraging. Everyone helped each other and encouraged one another without a blink of an eye and that was amazing to me. The pure love and joy of the kids I got to be with was enough to change anyone’s perspective on life. Just spending a morning being able to capture these students having a blast was the most amazing opportunity.


Alex Britzman and Antwon Chatman are two of the best friends I have ever met. They love talking and sharing stories but that is only the beginning. They wear the same shirt every Friday. Yes every Friday. Now if that is not real friendship, I am not sure what is. They even got first in their relay even the night before which was an outstanding accomplishment for both of them.

So I started my day out by snapping photos and the only thing on my mind was the fact that my shoes were getting wet and muddy, and they were going to squeak all day and I just could not deal with that noise or feeling. By the end of my time with these little angels, the last thing on my mind was my shoes and the first thing was the fact that these students, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, friends, had never once let their lack of ability to do something hinder their fun or time on their field trip. The only true disability is in fact a bad attitude and that is one thing the life skills students did not have. These kids truly changed my life and will continue to amaze me with all of their love and abilities that go beyond you and me. IMG_8444

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