S.O.F.A. Meeting

New York bound!

Mr. Dodd talking about the trip to New York City.

Sofa (Society of Fine Arts) had a great turnout for their first meeting.  Mr. Dodd started off talking about doing some community service work around town.  Several people have approached Mr. Dodd and Mrs. Fleck about painting some murals for their businesses.  Mr. Dodd also talked about the upcoming New York trip.  Next summer Sofa will be taking a trip to New York City.  The trip will consist of touring the city, viewing art galleries, and tons of other fun activities.  Right now they are debating between taking the train or flying.  If they fly the cost will be around $1500, but if they take a train it will be about $1100.  That covers food (3 meals), a hotel, and other necessities.  This does not include extras, like souvenirs.  If you have any questions or comments please contact Mr. Dodd or Mrs. Fleck.  Hope to see you there!