The marching band performed at Pike in Indianapolis this past saturdayThe Jasper marching wildcats, also known as the worlds most dangerous band, had a great weekend on the 20th in Tennessee.  The band went into this past weekend hoping to get a gold rating while at Semi-State. Semi-State was at Pike Central close to Indianapolis. The band was competing to advance to State which is being held at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis November 3rd.

This past Saturday 20 bands performed, out of those, only 10 bands were selected to go to State.  The Jasper Marching Wildcats at first thought they were not going to State, because the announcer made a mistake in how many bands he already said, and he skipped over the fierce Marching Wildcats!  When the Jasper marching band and color guard seniors on the field for ‘retreat’ thought that they were just skipped over and thought that the announcer might be coming back after realizing his mistake, but instead he kept going.  After saying a couple of other bands names, The seniors realized they might not be going to state and their season may be over.  Some cried, and some where mad, all were in shock.  While standing there, the audience noticed that the announcer had already said that their was 10 bands picked to go to State but in reality there was only 9.  After the crowd started yelling at the announcer he renamed all the bands and realized after Goshen Marching band that the JASPER MARCHING WILDCATS were indeed going to State. With that the worlds most dangerous band will be practicing a lot harder this week and performing at the football game on Friday.  Thankfully, the Band will indeed be marching on towards State with their show Trinity.