Winter Weather Spells Speculation


In this area of the country, it seems like every time a winter weather system starts threatening the area, the threat of school being cancelled always seems to take over towns.  In Jasper, this is certainly the case.  With the potential for some nasty winter weather in the coming night, students and teachers at Jasper High School now have been in a flurry just wondering about how things will play out over the next few days.  Both sides of the story intertwine with each other in a frantic mode trying to get things done in a much faster pace than expected.

Evan Elrod, media teacher at Jasper High School, feels these days coming up fast.  However, he does not feel an effect on the student’s side of things. “We tend to prep a day ahead thinking that we’re going to miss this day so we need to cover this faster or we need to alter these plans,” said Elrod.  He also mentions the IASB contest, a statewide contest which has a deadline of this Friday.  A contest like that simply does not cater to those that may have missed a few days because of some random winter storm.  “It’s not like an internal assignment where I can just push the due date back…I have to do something to speed that along,” stated Elrod.  His wife, Mrs. Elrod, a science teacher at Jasper High School, also feels the crunch for time.

Mrs. Elrod teaches AP Chemistry, a class that has a corresponding AP exam that teachers prep their students for over the duration of the school year.  “They’re not going to change the AP date…she has to do different things there to make sure that those students get that content before that test date,” said Mrs. Elrod. 

There is another side of the story, though.  The students often embrace the snow and ice for that one particular call from the corporation giving them a lot more sleep than what they would have had normally.  Mackenzie Cooley, a junior at Jasper High School, like a lot of a students taking AP classes is feeling that crunch with schoolwork.  Like a lot of her fellow peers, she does pay close attention to the weather forecasts.  “I have been kind of looking at the weather, but I’m hoping, crossing my fingers that there’s ice,” expressed Cooley.  She is not alone.  The majority of the student body shares a similar opinion.  Like Mr. Elrod, the snow does have an effect of trying to move things along quicker than what would normally be the case.

“I feel like in my classes they’re trying to hurry up,”  said Cooley, “we get these weeks off and we’re going slow and then they hurry up and try to finish up these chapters.  I just feel like all of my classmates are getting slightly lazy because we’re begging for snow.”

Sure, the snow gets everyone in a frenzy just looking at phones impatiently waiting for the verdict on the next day.  However, things go a lot deeper than making days up during what would have been the first days of summer.  With snow, there comes the catch up game that follows that is played by almost every single teacher in not just Jasper High School, but at this point every single teacher in the city of Jasper.  In a situation in which extending the school year potentially into summer break, it heightens everyone’s tensions about coursework and how they will have to make it up.  Whether this system keeps Jasper schools out for multiple days or not, the effect has already shaken up the students and teachers of Jasper, now it is about how much the damage really will be in the coming days ahead.

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