Travel and Expand the Mind


Traveling opens your heart and mind into new horizons. This is why our faculty decide to host wonderful trips for the students to experience. Excitement awaits for the summer of 2019, when students get to travel to new countries and experience beautiful sights and cultures. The Jasper High School S.O.F.A. club, or the Society of Fine Arts, is venturing on to Québec and Montréal in Canada from June 10th to June 17th in 2019 under the direction of Mr. Dodd and Mrs. Fleck, who are both art teachers at Jasper High School. This trip will include numerous sightseeing excursions including a Québec city walk, Montgomery Falls, a tour of multiple places in Montréal, an Archaeology museum, a science center, Ottawa, a bike tour, a CN Tower in Toronto, and a Niagara Falls cruise. Tour guides will be included, as well as round-trip transportation and daily local breakfast and dinner.

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If interested, go to and follow all of the procedures to sign up. Students have many different options for how they can pay, whether it is monthly, at once, or in a custom format. This recent summer they traveled to Rome and Greece. Many places were visited, pictures were taken, and memories were made. Mr. Dodd claimed that “Students will have the ability to interact with people in their everyday lives. We’re not just on a tour bus; were walking on the streets and interacting with vendors and people and their languages and their customs.” Fundraising opportunities are incorporated with all of this as well. These include frozen pizza selling fundraisers and the selling of donuts in the mornings at school. This trip will be one to remember.

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