Flaunt for Frankie

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Emma Grow, Hannah Kluemper, and Kennedy Kieffner perform the memorial dance.

The Jasper Dance Team stepped out onto the basketball court dressed in yellow and black stripped overalls. To any other team, these outfits have no significance. But, the Jasper community immediately knows the story behind their unique costumes and performance.

For many years, Jasper has had a number one fan in the stands chanting every game. Frankie Ebenkamp, dressed in his yellow and black overalls would chant to the crowd his iconic cheer, “alright, alright, alright.” No one else would dare to scream the words of Frankie’s cheer, it was best said by him. This past year, Frankie Ebenkamp passed away, but his legacy at Jasper High School remains current. Jasper fans continue to cheer and honor him, but this year, the dance team found a different way.

The dance team wanted to perform in honor of Ebenkamp. “We thought that he made such an amazing impact with his cheering and spirit on our community,” stated Hannah Welp, senior. The team wore outfits similar to Ebenkamp’s striped overalls, and chanted his cheer at the end of their dance. “We made this dance to honor and give back to Frankie, thanking him for all those years he continually cheered on Jasper,” said Welp.


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