Indy’s Fair Lady

Wednesday, April 26, JHS students and teachers S.J. Burns and Mrs. Luebbehusen traveled north to the city of Indianapolis to the Beef and Boards production theatre. Beef and Boards theatre offers dining and dessert prior to the presentation of a play. Until May 14 of 2017, the Beef & Boards theatre of Indianapolis is putting on the famous production of My Fair Lady. The play’s events follow phoneticist Henry Higgins’s, played by David Schmittou, efforts to correct the grammar and speech of Eliza Doolittle, played by Kimberly Doreen Burns.

Seniors Danielle Buechlein and Tristan June snacking away and trading stories en route to Indianapolis.

After a three hour trek from Jasper, the students delved into the provided buffet followed by a complimentary dessert. A spread of steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, alfredo pasta, choice of meat, and a salad bar plus additional sides were prepared. Simple white cake and light frosting finished off the meal with an aftertaste pleasant to most palates.

Shot of the elegant table setting arranged prior to the JHS students’ arrival.

The theatre’s productions continue yearlong, with the next change of play coming as soon as May 18 – July 2 with the well-known children’s movie produced by DreamWorks known as, Shrek the Musical. The dates for the lineup of the year’s plays are listed as shown: Ring of Fire: the Songs of Johnny Cash (July 6-August 13), West Side Story (August 17-October 1), and Ghost: The Musical (October 5-November 19).