Creative Crafts // Library Edition

This week in the library numerous art works were put on display in various areas. Some were found on the shelves, near the windows, or out in sitting areas for students to check out. The arts works are of different types including pencil sketch, pastel, line drawing, and oil. Students had the choice to choose whatever subject they wished, so everyone went with their best or favorite work they created this year. There were artworks reflective of students childhood, imagination, favorite belongings, or abstract works. Led by Mr. Dodd, this talented group of students displayed their sketches and skills for the student body to see.

In the artwork above, Swiss foreign exchange student Moira Frey painted a portrait of herself when she was child. Holding a cloth in her hand and wearing black overalls, Moira put her brush to work to create a stunning and defined piece.

These projects vary in length of time they took to produce, some a few weeks, some a few days, but all worth the sweat and hand cramps to see a final product.

Other students found propped on easels in the library are Katie Bell, Amanda Ackerman, Hilary Bauer, and Abby Simone and countless more with amazing artworks for all to see. If you want to see expressive and bright colors on a canvas make sure to swing by the library and check out all the work and support student artist!