Striking Out the Competition

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Ashley Whitsett, sophomore, Brooke Perkins, sophomore, and Mel Kiefer, freshman, at Fridays send off held for the bowling team.

On Saturday, February 20, the girls and boys bowling teams competed at state, which was held at Lafayette. The day was rather progressive, with the girls team placing eleventh, freshman, Mel Kiefer placed second, and the boys team winning state. Another accomplishment for the bowling team was when, senior, Patrick Huebschman bowled a perfect game, which allowed him to also win a scholarship for completing such a feat.                                                                                          Scoring works “just like basketball,” states coach Paul Lemond. Five team members bowl two games individually, then the team bowls five baker games. A baker game is where each person bowls two frames. After the baker games, the top four advance to the step ladder, or two games of baker games. “Just the fact that our young team made it, and as we grow we know that it is possible. Being able to have five out of the six girls come back next IMG_1702year we have a good chance to make it again” states the girls coaches Chelsea Lemond and Jacob Kiefer when asked what the most exciting part of going to state was.                     

The girl’s bowling coaches are Chelsea Lemond and Jacob Kiefer, and the boy’s coaches are Paul Lemond and Steven Keiser. The girls team had previously been to state three times. Once in 2004, 2005, and 2008. The boys team has also been to state in 2008 and 2015. This is the boys team first overall win at state, but the girls team had won in 2005. When asked how it felt to win state, coach Paul Lemond replied, “Words can’t describe it. Proud feeling. Proud of the team”. Paul also stated that he had said “you want to see a grown man cry? Let’s win!”. With such a feat in their repertoire, Jasper High School can easily say they’re proud of their bowling team.  

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