Breathing Life Into Health Class


Landon Betz, freshman, follows Mrs. Huttons directions.

On Monday, February 1, the JHS health classes began the process of learning CPR, and how to use an AED. The presentation could be viewed as much needed interruption to the same mundane schedule, but the need for the course is necessary, and could eventually help a student save a life. The basics were taught through an instructional video


Zach Johnston, freshman, begins compressions after using the AED.

with occasional interruptions by Mrs. Hutton, the school’s nurse. The basics included a demonstration of how to perform CPR properly, and a brief description of what an AED and CPR are.

CPR, which is an acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is performed by using techniques called compressions, and breathing. While, an AED is an automated external defibrillator,which can be used in partnership with compressions to help the victims heart start beating again. This is done by sending a jolt of electricity


Matthew Alles, freshman, applies the AED pads.

through special pads that attach to the victim’s chest. Also, the students were informed on how to handle the victim,
and how to assess the environment.The next day, February 2, the process of performing CPR on training dummies began. The students were given situations in which their ‘victim’ was affected. These scenarios may have been a bit strange, but in the end someone could very well be in the same situation.

Mrs. Hutton was certified for “the first time in 1982,” and has taught CPR in a classroom setting for two years. Although Mrs. Hutton is certified to perform CPR, she is not the only teacher. In fact, Mr. Eckert is also CPR certified! When asked about his views on the CPR lessons Mr. Eckert replied with “we must have them.”

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