48 Students, 1 Team



Gillian Blessinger, sophomore, and her campaign manager Luke Fleck, senior, poses for a picture after Gillian’s victory at state.

2016 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Business Professionals of America, or BPA. The celebration will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. BPA, which originally was OEA, or Office Education Association, is a co-curricular club, that is involved with volunteer work through BPA Cares and the Special Olympics. There are 23 states who participate in Business Professionals of America.

Starting on Sunday, March 6 and continuing until March 8, the Jasper High School BPA state qualifiers participated in several business competitions ranging from computerized to team presentations at state, which was held at downtown Indianapolis. This year, 48 students from Jasper High School went to state. And, of those 48, 18 were seniors.Jasper High School has been a part of Business Professionals of America for ten years, and with the guidance of Mrs. Kunz and Mrs. Schipp, the club has blossomed into more than just a club. Students who participate in BPA receive numerous benefits. According to Mrs. Schipp, students will receive “a chance to compete in subjects they love and achieve success, a chance to meet new people, opportunities for developing and enhancing leadership skills, and opportunities to travel and see new places.”


Part of the Jasper High School BPA chapter at a general session on Monday.


Fourteen members qualified for nationals. This coming May they will be traveling to Boston, Massachusetts. The news broadcast team, which consists of Caroline Theil, Gillian Blessinger, and Joey Wallace placed first in their competition. John Paul Luke, who competed in database applications, placed first as well. New to state this year, each person who placed first will receive a $2,500 scholarship. Also, Larry Burgess, Luke Fleck, Nolan Harmon, Olivia Ruckriegel, Nellie Mowat, Ethan Nichols, Brandon Sizemore, Elizabeth Verkamp, Hanna Welp, and Kelby Uebelhor will be heading to nationals.