The Quest of Marengo Caves


DSCF2425On September 6th, of 1883 two kids discovered a cave. 15-year old Blanche Hiestand went home from school after accidentally hearing some boys talk about a cool hole in the ground. She hurried home to pick up her little brother Orris. They grabbed some candles and went to explore what would soon be discovered as Marengo Cave. This cave is nestled in hills made of limestone located in Indiana. It is a national landmark and extremely beautiful. I quested with a group of fellow students on a field trip from our earth space class to the cave. It was about an hour-long trip to get to the cave. After arriving to the cave we were separated into groups to travel the tunnels under our world. As we journeyed through the mystical wonder that was the cave. We were told about the caves past, and what people use to do in the cave. They held weddings, church services, and even had annual square dances. No one knows how old the formations really are, but they have made estimates that the oldest formations are thousands of years old. They have very unique and rare formations that are hard to find in caves (one is Helictites). Which is rock that grows twisted and defies the laws of gravity. If you would like to visit a cave. I would highly recommend Marengo. This trip was a learning experience and something I will not soon forget.

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