Sony Playstation is at it again..

Andrew House-Playstation4Gamers, or just PlayStation lovers, Sony is at it again with a new and improved PlayStation. The PlayStation 4, which will be around for the next holiday season yet there’s not an exact launch date yet. The new PlayStation will included a controller with a touchpad and a camera that can sense the depth of the environment in front of it. The other big thing is that there’s no price yet, but we all know that new game system are the big thing and that comes with a big-ticket price. The PlayStation 4 is being created to compete with a new Xbox 360 that’s coming out this summer. Another new and big thing in newer game consoles is being able to connect to your Apple or Android devices like the Xbox 360 already does but on the PlayStation 4 they’ll have an app for that. Their app for that will connect to your PlayStation 4 and act as a second screen for your PlayStation 4. Well, the analyst for Sony predicts that they’ll get a couple million consoles out for the 2013 holiday season then somewhere between 7-8 million in the next year, seems ambitious doesn’t it? Well, we’ll find out by the end of 2014 if they actually sell what they expect they will. Let’s get gaming!

Here’s the latest video on the PS4