Jasper High School Yearbook presents…! Your website for anything and everything you want in your yearbook! Simply go to, click ‘register’ at the top  right corner.

Enter the information as it is asked for, starting with

  • Step 1: Find you school.
  • Step 2: Click “I agree to terms of use”
  • Step 3: Registration Method

If you already have an account…simply mouse over “sign in” and enter a valid email address, and the password you previously created. Once on the home page, you can either click the group of pictures you would like to view (sports, clubs, spirit groups, etc.) or, on the main menu bar and click submit pics. Once you read through the “Pause Before You Post,” click either the yellow button to select from images on your computer, or the blue button to import images from Facebook. By uploading pictures to ReplayIt, you are helping promote the Jasper High School Yearbook, and we gain pictures to place of you, your friends, your sports, and anything photo-worthy in your social life.

Any questions? Having troubles? Ask me! I’m here to help.