Is Google taking over?

glass_photos4-580-75Seems that Google could be taking over our future with something they call ‘reality glasses’.  Sounds like something out of “Back to the Future” doesn’t it? Let me tell you, it sounds strange to me.  From what they say, you’ll be texting with your head down walking into everything.  The pro of this device is commonalities, or the sharing of a common feature or attribute, will be more out in the open, where as today without physically walking up to them and starting an old-fashioned conversation, there’s no way of actually knowing them, yet yes there are mobile apps to help out with this but there’s not a really good one. In 2 years though, you’ll easily look at them with your augmented reality glasses and see who you’re mutually connected to as well as any sort of common ground. Yet the con to that one is becoming more social really awkward!  Younger people may not have a problem with augmented reality but the older groups of society may discriminate more. The next thing is that people fear that Google will dominate our lives even more. There’s some good to that which is that Google will be able to integrate even more seamlessly into our daily lives using the ever-increasing amount of data streaming in, and it will make things easier to organize, find, connect to, and to learn.  Yet the argument too is that Google Instant is already trying to predict our searches, and that Google will try to predict more and more in daily life-like when using Google Glass that something will surface and that Google has formed the way we as a whole will react to something. The last and final argument to Google Glass is the monetization of the Augmented Reality. Starting with a good side which is that the creation of new industries, new innovations, competitive landscapes that push companies to create new things are all positives that will come from trying to monetize augmented reality. The bad side is that Google Adwords made Google over 40 billion dollars in 2012 and taking an Adword ad and implementing it into and augmented reality isn’t the same. The concern is that Google will risk the user experience in order to make sure they recoup the money they’re losing from people searching through augmented reality and not a laptop. So that’s how people think Google’s going to take over our future. What do you think?