Ford Center concerts in the near future for you?

Bored? Tired? Nothing to do in Jasper? Got the blues? Want to get out of town and do something? Well here’s the guy to tell you whats up! I got some future plans for all ya’lls out there so lets get to it!

ford centerIn the near future we have some nice bands coming to the nearby Ford Center. The reckless rebell Kid Rock will be coming on the 4th of April. some of his hits include Amen, Born 2 be a Hick, Cowboy, and My name is Rock. This singer-songwriter has come to Evansville before and has had a major turnout. So if you are in a jammin mood and like to rock out, this would be a great concert to go to. Suggested people to take: friends and buds.kid rock

The alternative band, Neon Trees, will be coming on the 12th of april just a week after the reckless rebel. The band that started in the garage made it to the big stage! now lets see if you might like these guys some of there hits include Animal, Lesson in Love, and Everybody Talks. I know this is a concert me and my GF might stop by. Suggested people to take: that special person.Neon-Trees

And last but certainly not the least for all you mudslingers and T-ruck drivers! Jason Aldean will be stopping by on the 25th of April! The country star will be heading your way soon! With hit songs like Hick Town, Dirt Road Anthem, Stay a Little While, and She’s Country. This is a great time to enjoy some good ole fun with some slow and jammin tunes of Aldean. Suggested people to take: friends, family, and even that special someone.


A great variety of music for all types of fans out there, The Ford Center will Provide a great source of entertainment for almost any person out there. Go, have fun, have a great time, and make some memories. The Ford Center near you located at Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana.