ECA Testing

ECA TestingThe English 10 E.C.A. (end of course assessment) starts today for sophomores and I believe for some other grades too. This E.C.A. is important because if a student doesn’t pass it they won’t graduate. If they chose to take remediation, which is a class students have to attend if they didn’t pass the E.C.A. and this class is held after school and by most likely one’s english teacher. After several months of preparing to take the next E.C.A. in the winter. If one still does not pass it they will be taking it again about this time of the year. There  are lots of rules one has to follow when they take the E.C.A.  Students have to follow along in the beginning before the test and then one is off to take the test and the test is timed and its around 55 minutes. once the student is done they cannot talk, work on homework from another class, or sleep, and cannot go on the internet either, they can pretty much do nothing but stare at their logged off computer. So for the people who are testing eat a good breakfast and lunch and be sure to get enough sleep so one can perform the best they can.