A Chance at Redemption

By: Tim Rohlman with help from Tony Ahrens, Joe Shelton, Spencer Otto, and Scott Stallwood

Football picture(Jasper, Indiana)-This football post-season the Cats have been picked to face Evansville Harrison for their first round in the 2013 football section in Indiana. The Wildcats’ have finished out their regular season with a record of 8-1. Even though the regular season is over, the Cats hope to make it through the entire post-season. Senior and Captain Spencer Otto says, “I feel strong about the regular season, but there was still room for improvement. It would have been nice for a conference win, though.”

Coach Tony Ahrens says, “I’ve coached several teams, but I feel confident that this team will go far.” One thing that Coach Joe Shelton always says is that, “We can control two things. Those things are attitude and effort. If you have a great attitude, then you’ll have great effort.”

Last year the football team made it to the final round of sectional, but fell to Evansville Reitz. This year, though, the Cats are coming back with a vengeance. “I believe we can make it to the end. If we make it through this first game we will have home-field advantage for the next. We need to keep bringing an intensity to practice every day,” said Captain Scott Stallwood.