Trick or Change!

Is it not fun to bring back those fond childhood memories of trick or treating in your cutest or scariest costume? Well, students of Jasper High School, now you can! Just join Unicef with your local art teacher, Mr. Dodd, as its leader. It is still possible to join Unicef, just contact Mr. Dodd or come to the meeting Wednesday, October 24 for more information. On Thursday, the next day, Unicef and its members will be dressing up in their favorite costume and will be trick or treating for change to supply kids in Africa with drinking water. One quarter, $0.25, can give TEN kids enough clean drinking water for ONE week! Is that not amazing? It was a lot of fun last year, come join the spooky, helpful night of TRICK OR CHANGING! If you need more information contact Mr. Dodd or Nicole Hopf, the president of Jasper High School Unicef. Now, if you are really desperate. contact Patrick Meiring, the “vice-president.”