Christmas Drive For Crisis Connection

The student council is collecting items for Crisis Connection. Some of the items needed for the adults and children  are items that we take for granted.  If you can help, please do, because every little thing can make a difference in these people’s life.  Bring the following items into your homeroom and you will receive tickets for each item brought.  The tickets will work like spirit tickets did, and your name will be put in a drawing for prizes. Along with the prizes, the grade with the most tickets will receive a pizza party during lunch.  The following items are needed:

  • Most needed Items for 5 tickets are Disinfecting Cleaning wipes,Paper towels, Trash bags(39 gallon), tall kitchen trash bags, toilet paper, Printer paper(white) and postage stamps

  • Bathroom Items: Kleenexes-1 ticket/box, Q-tips-1 ticket/package, Deodorant- 1 ticket/stick, Band-Aids- 1 ticket/box, Shampoo/Conditioner-2 tickets, Cotton balls- 1 ticket/package , Hair Accessories: Brush-2 tickets/brush, Comb-1 ticket/comb, Ponytails-1 /package, headbands-1 ticket/package

  • Basic Household Items: Scotch tape-1 ticket/roll, Masking tape-1 ticket/roll, Air freshener-2 tickets/bottle, Post-it notes-1 ticket/pad, Envelopes-3 tickets/box, Ziploc bags (any size)-3 tickets/box, Paper Lunch sacks-2 tickets/package, Notecars-1 ticket/100 cards

  • Child Items-Lego’s-3 tickets/set, Card games-2 tickets/package, Board games-3 tickets/game, Crossword books-2 tickets/book, word search books-2 tickets/book, Diapers/wipes-4 tickets/package

  • School Supplies: Pencils-1 ticket /package, Notebooks- 2 tickets/notebook, Folders- 1 ticket/folder, Erasers-1 ticket/package, Markers -2 tickets/8-pack, Crayons-2 tickets/24-pack, Glue-2 tickets/bottle, Glue stick-1 ticket/stick, Marker Board Erasers-2 tickets /eraser, Chalkboard Erasers- 2 tickets/eraser

  • Misc: Dum Dum Sucker-2 tickets/bag, 2013 calendars- 1 tickets/eraser

***Remember Monetary donations and gift cards will not be accepted this year

 Please help these people and don’t let them be without these items this holiday season. Every little bit counts and everyone can make a difference no matter how large.