CANDLES Holocaust Museum Trip


Eva (Mozes) Kor sharing her story with some of the Jasper High School seniors.Some of the Jasper High School seniors took a field trip to the CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute.  They met with a holocaust survivor, Eva (Mozes) Kor.  She shared her story with them.  Eva and her twin, Miriam, were taken to Auschwitz when they were little girls.  Eva told them how they were put in cattle cars filled to maximum capacity.  Upon arriving in Auschwitz their two older sisters and their father were immediately lost in the chaos.  They never saw them again.  Their mother held onto the twins with all her might for they were her babies.  Suddenly, one of the Nazi guards noticed that Eva and Miriam were twins.  Eva said that they guards were going nuts because they had found a set of twins.  Her mother held on to her and her sister with all her might but asked if that was a good thing or not, them being twins.  The guard replied that it was because they would live.  But the guards pulled Eva and Miriam from their mother’s grasp and hauled them away.  Their mother was crying and screaming.  Eva said that the last thing she remembers of her mother was of her with her arms outstretched reaching for the girls.  She said that they were taken to a room.  When they got there the Nazis held Eva down as they used a scalding pen-like object to brand her.  She said that at the moment she decided then that she wasn’t going down without a fight.  So she began kicking, screaming, and even biting the doctors there.  It took four people to restrain her.  Then they moved onto her sister and proceeded to do the same.  The girls were then told to remove their clothing and wait for Dr. Mengele to examine them.  You see, Dr. Mengele was fascinated by eugenics and twins especially.  He was doing experiments to see what made each twin different from the other and what made them the same.  Eva and Miriam were with thirteen other sets of twins.  Dr. Mengele continued to examine the twins and inject them with something that they still don’t today for the whole time they were there.  Eva told the seniors that she made a silent promise to herself that she would get Miriam and herself out of the camp alive.  She told us how it was very hard and tiresome.  There were rats everywhere and very little food.  During her time there, Eva became very ill from one of the injections Dr. Mengele had given her.   But she made another promise as she was in the Nazi hospital area.  Her promise was that she would prove Dr. Mengele wrong.  He said that she was going to die, but Eva had other plans.  She made it through and was reunited with her twin.  Shortly after there were air raids made by the Allies.  The girls noticed that their examinations were given less and less.  Soon, they weren’t examined at all.  There was word that this was the result of liberation.  They were right because sometime later, when everyone woke up, the Nazis were gone but the gates to the camp were still locked.  Eva and Miriam were freed from the camp soon after all of this.  Eva said that it was like a huge weight had been lifted from shoulders.  She married in 1960 and had two children.  Miriam married but had trouble giving birth.  The Mozes twins returned to Auschwitz in 1985 and reunited with several of the Mengele twins.  Sadly in 1993 Miriam passed from cancer.  Sometime later Eva returned to Auschwitz but this time with a Nazi doctor who was also a close friend of Dr. Mengele’s, Dr. Munch.  He signed a document.  This document stated that the holocaust did occur.  Eva has come to forgive the Nazis and has told Dr. Munch this too.  Dr. Munch said that he was relieved but still felt an unbelievable burden about what had occurred.  Eva said that she has learned that forgiveness is an important part of life.  Forgiveness does not only help the perpetrator but helps the victim as well.  This was an amazing experience.  Eva certainly taught the seniors a lot.  She is an inspiring and wise person.  I’m sure that our seniors enjoyed it and were grateful for her sharing her story with them.