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Underground Band Life

Band is full of students who are a dedicated and loyal group that practice when ever a possible minute arises. Some students may not know that bandies disappear into the basement after their lunch to practice on their instruments to improve solos or group performances for competition. Band life can start from sixth grade and […]

New Dog in the Halls

This past year Jasper High School has slowly started introducing the use of comfort dogs. Students are pretty used to Peanut and Sarina, but lately there’s been a new dog roaming around. Atticus is a three-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who has been coming to school Mondays and Fridays. Mr. Hohl brought him in about a […]

Robotics 3559 Starting Strong

The JHS robotics team, 3559 Thundercats, is starting off their season strong with many new members. The team is in their second of six weeks to design, build, and test their robot. After six weeks are over, the team will take their final product to compete in First Robotics Competitions (FRC) for a chance to […]

Chicago Club

“In high school, you never take field trips,” said every high schooler in the past. Now opportunities are just around the corner. This year the Spanish Club is taking the annual trip to Chicago in efforts to learn more about hispanic culture and to tour the sites it offers. On this years trip, the club […]

Only Love

On January 25th, Christine Schmitt, came to Jasper to speak about the tragedy that struck when her twelve year old daughter committed suicide. “Words have the ability to bring life into people. But it also has the ability to take that life away,” says Schmitt. Morgan was cyberbullied by not only her peers, but by […]

Halftime of a Lifetime

On Saturday, January 14, the Jasper dance team and Southridge cheerleaders put on the halftime performance of a lifetime. Opening the halftime show was the Jasper cheerleaders along with the next generation cheerleaders showing their school spirit by helping the high school team cheer on their classmates and get the crowd pumped up for the […]

Inspiration Taking Shape

Ductility. Malleability. Brazing. Flux. Wiring our brains to think in wire sculpture terminology is a new bend in the schedules of art teacher, Mrs. Fleck’s, sculpture students. Paired with the return from winter break, students embarked on conjuring a design for their wire project. The single project requirement is for the size to be, at […]

Over 3

The girls Jasper High School varsity basketball team faced Barr Reeve last night at 7:30. The Jasper girls did not come at out too strong in the first quarter, with Barr Reeve in the lead. Toward the end of second quarter the Jasper Wildcats caught up and tied the game.  Slowly coming into the fourth quarter, […]


Each year Mrs. Beier’s Child Development class reserves a day, where the students are able to bring in a child from zero to five. “Whenever we are in child development we learn about just how kids form bonds with their parents and how they interact with them.” Says Mrs. Beier, the child development teacher. Beier also says […]

Board of Love

December 16, 2016 a large chalkboard with a diamond shaped, gold-rimmed mirror appeared in the lunchroom by the stage. Many may be wondering what this is for and who made it. GSA has been working on a project to display for the whole school to interact and take part in. Many members of GSA feel […]