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Team Bonding With Geeks

With a week left before the robotics district competition, the 3559 Thundercats team had a team lunch for some team bonding time. The majority of the team came out for some good food the parents arranged to be catered by the Mill House.      Ryan Woodard, Garret Armstrong, Carson Vaal, and Kyle Schmitt have […]

Sweet Treats

The Jasper High School PTO(Parent Teacher Organization) does the the cook out and free ice cream sundae days every year. They do this to give back to the students, and give them a stress free time during their school day. Today on March 17, St. Patricks day they are doing the free ice cream sundae. […]

The Splintery Abstract

All too often, the abstract weasels its way into our lives.  Through our mindless fogs, ambiguous answers to questions we don’t know, and the déjà vu moments that leave us scratching our heads in befuddled perplexion. Abstractism is prevalent in many crafts of nature. Heeding this realization, the current project of JHS’s sculpture class has […]

Biomedical Science

Students today in Mr. Kendall’s Biomedical Science classes were studying range of motion of human joints. Biomedical Science involves students studying anatomy and physiology and human microbiology. This helps students understand more about our biological and chemical systems. Taking this class can really help a student wanting to go into the health profession in the future […]

Kill the Pig!

Out with the frogs, the pigs have come to conquer the Jasper High School dissection team. This year Mr. Helming’s Advanced Life Science class asked senior Connor Bowlin and junior Jared Schwenk if they would be willing to offer one of their pigs for the study of science. Day one was the boring stuff, day […]

Wrapping up a long 3559 build season.

The Jasper robotics team is wrapping up the build season and getting ready for their first competition. As all the different components come together, their robot looks more like a functioning robot. This year, they have a climbing mechanism, a “gear” hanger, and a ball carrier on their robot. The main electrician on the team is […]

Turning Tables

On February 2, the girls swimming and diving team set the stage in their preliminary finals. Prelims had an important role when it came to whether or not the girls would be able to pull off a sectional win for the tenth year in a row. With the team only having ten girls, they were […]

Charity Tree of Life

Priscilla Olson, Senior, organized and pulled off a successful Grand Ball for senior citizens and their granddaughters this past weekend. The event was held on January 2oth. The money for this event goes to the Northwood Retirement Community Fund. During the ball there was refreshments and goodies served such as cookies, cakes, pretzels dipped in […]

Stocking Up

With a promise of money and a deliverance of a headache (only periodically) stocks are a common method of income via profitable dividends. Exploring this method, teacher Mrs. Ferguson’s Economics classes have invested in their own share of stocks in the statewide, online interactive simulation, Stock Market Program. The students divided into teams of no more […]