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Planting in Biology

Earth day has come and gone, but that has not stopped Ms. Spellmeyer’s biology classes. With their discussion of human impact on the environment, Spellmeyer’s fifth period class took a trip outside and showed their love for nature by planting flowers and pulling weeds in the front landscaping of the school. Freshman Allison Bielawa claims […]

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

This past week Jasper High School ALS class hatched chicks to watch how it happens, and learn about how they grow. Several students had picked out a chick that they wanted and all watched them walk around and try to eat. Sydney Gehlhausen was worried that one chick wasn’t able to walk but Mr. Helming […]

Radical Student Radio (NHSRD)

Wednesday , April 26, is National High School Radio Day. The very own student run radio station 93.7 The Scratch operating out of Jasper High School, in Jasper, Indiana celebrated this joyous occasion. Seniors Geordon Terwiske (left) and Breanna Mullen (right) start the first radio shift of the day off, marking this splendid occasion. Breanna […]

10 Day Film Challenge

This past month has been bated breath and anxiously awaited emails from the Radio and Tv classes of Mr. Elrod’s. The students of his class had entered into the 10 Day Film Challange which required students to be separated off into groups of about six members and then drew from a hat what category they […]

March Madness: The Rush for Blood Donation

Amidst the March Madness of college basketball, blood banks are also experiencing large demands. According to the Indiana Blood Center, the most common to the least common blood types are listed in decreasing order: O+ (38%), A+ (34%), B+ (9%), O- (7%), A- (6%), AB+ (3%), B- (2%), and AB- (1%). Everyone is categorized under […]

Indy’s Fair Lady

Wednesday, April 26, JHS students and teachers S.J. Burns and Mrs. Luebbehusen traveled north to the city of Indianapolis to the Beef and Boards production theatre. Beef and Boards theatre offers dining and dessert prior to the presentation of a play. Until May 14 of 2017, the Beef & Boards theatre of Indianapolis is putting […]


In Admiration of Lexi

On Friday, April 28, Jasper High School celebrated the life of Alexa “Lexi” Layne Mattingly, 16, from Holland who passed away April 20th. Jasper High School wore plaid in remembrance of Lexi who was well liked among local schools. Mattingly was well known in the community because she was on the JV basketball and tennis team. She […]

Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

This week is a very special week to our Radio and TV classmates, because this week is solely for them. This week “The Scratch” radio hosts’ are coming up with many ways to show their pride for High School Radio Week and are doing it in many ways. April 24 and 25, are days the […]

Silence Speaks When Words Can’t

April 21 is the Day of Silence. This day is a student-led event that occurs in thousands of schools nationwide bring awareness to the effects of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment in schools. By staying silent for an entire day, students are shown the effects of someone taking their own life due to being apart of […]

Creative Crafts // Library Edition

This week in the library numerous art works were put on display in various areas. Some were found on the shelves, near the windows, or out in sitting areas for students to check out. The arts works are of different types including pencil sketch, pastel, line drawing, and oil. Students had the choice to choose […]