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Abstract Thinking

Jasper High School Sculpture class, led by Mrs. Fleck, has gotten started with the new year in an interesting way. The students are working vigorously to find their way of thinking with an abstract eye. What makes something abstract? There is no distinct shape as the works and the pieces are designed more around emotions […]

A Day to Remember

On Thursday, October 5th, schools from across the nation celebrated manufacturing day. Engineering students of Jasper High School and surrounding schools.“The afternoon group consisted of Crawford County, Pike, Heritage Hills and Jasper.” Said Fred Routsen, IED teacher. Many others attended a special event held at the VUJC campus as well to learn more about what […]

Spicy Surprise

Jasper High School’s Culinary classes, Taught by Mrs. Beier, shifted into cooking with their first official food task. Each class made their own salsa. It took a lot of prepping for the class to get to this task though. Starting off the school year, the students began by cleaning out the colored coded kitchens, organizing […]